Hunspach, a typical village of Alsace (France)

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Hunspach, a typical village of Alsace

" E Darfel so ruhich, so still und so glan "  *


 Situated in the “Nature Park of the Northern Vosges”, at 10km from Wissembourg, Hunspach is a small village that has been rewarded with the label of one of the “most beautiful villages in France”. Well-known for its traditional atmosphere, it is also packed with history!

 According to legend, the origin of the village goes back to Huno the Frank who first settled this area. The village was mentioned for the first time in 1298. After the Reformation, it became protestant and was taken over by the Swedes in 1619. Then, in 1633, catholic imperial troops came and burnt the village down. A little later, Swiss settlers gave it life again and the village returned to France in 1787.

 The main attraction of Hunspach is its large number of half-timbered houses, all quite alike and superbly preserved with their immaculate walls contrasting with their dark timbers. It is well worth coming for a visit and strolling along the peaceful streets of this typical village “out of time”, where you can still see wells with rocking levers, or windows with curved panes that enabled their inhabitants to look outside without being seen.

Si vous êtes de passage en Alsace et souhaitez visiter des endroits typiques, vous devez vous arrêter à Hunspach et prendre le temps de vous y promener. Vous pourrez alors y voir quelques fontaines à balancier ou bien des maisons ayant encore des vitres bombées, qui permettaient d'observer à l'extérieur sans se faire voir.

If you happen to come in December, you will enjoy our local Christmas market. In summer, we offer holiday-makers quite a range of activities, such as country walks, swimming, country-dancing or special events like traditional story-telling in local costumes, or discovering traditional dishes.



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* "A village so calm, so silent and so small", from the song "The Hunspacher Lied"

- Groupe folklorique de Hunspach, novembre 2009 -