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Who we are


The folk brass band and the dancers of the village of Hunspach have been an official society since 1976. They have been performing in village fetes in their authentic costumes, and have brightly preserved the traditional music and dances inherited from the past generations.

The folk group of Hunspach present a variety of musical scores and dances which are all typical of their home province Alsace which is situated in the East of France. Their main purpose is to keep their own traditions alive and to show younger generations the true heritage of their village.

The group is composed of about fifteen musicians and thirty dancers.


Many musical scores have been transmitted from father to son within the band. For example, the “Gutnachtwalser”(Goodnightwaltz) whose composer is unknown, is a local waltz preserved by several generations of musicians.

 The costumes are inspired by what their grandparents used to wear and also by ancient photographs of past events in the village. Indeed the dancers are proud to display the different outfits worn on a working day or on a Sunday, the costumes of single or married women, the children’s clothes, and of course the very special costumes worn at weddings.


Groupe folklorique de Hunspach, novembre 2009